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About Del Yaqui

Outside PictureDel Yaqui has been serving the most authentic Mexican foods in the Phoenix / Tempe / Guadalupe area of Arizona for more than 25 years!

We provide classic south-of-the-border food, including tacos de asada, carnitas, pastor, barbacoa, cabeza, pollo, chorizo, camaron, frijol, chile roja, chile verde... you get the picture!!!

We have Mexican beers, Sangria wine, horchata and pineapple juice...

Tenemos excellent breakfast comida as well. Come in for some chorizo con huevos or a hot bowl of menudo!

Street shotWe are located in the big mercado in the small town of Guadalupe (nestled next to Tempe, just South of the Mills Mall).

Come in and taste the food that keeps the locals coming back again and again...